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About International Allinial Global

Allinial Global (AG) is a global alliance of independent consulting, auditing and accounting firms, aiming to collaborate to provide clients with optimal financial solutions.

Established in 1969, Allinial Global has continuously grown and asserted its position as the world’s second-largest accounting association. Over the years, AG has received numerous awards, including Association of the Year (2018), Rising Star Association (2019, 2021), Second-Largest Accounting Association in the World (2021), and most recently, the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative of the Year (2022). These achievements reflect the relentless efforts of its 261 member firms across 107 countries, with a workforce of over 6,000 partners and more than 37,000 employees ready to deliver international standard services anytime, anywhere.

Throughout the development and in response to global economic fluctuations, member firms have focused three core service areas: Advisory Services, Compliance Services, and Full-range Services. The current industry specialisations include:

  • Trading;
  • Healthcare;
  • Leasing or Renting;
  • Professional Services;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Retail/Food & Beverage;
  • Financial Services;
  • Aged Care;
  • Wine;
  • Agriculture;
  • Energy and Mining;
  • Education;
  • Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP);
  • Real Estate and Construction;
  • High Tech;

Allinial Global is committed to being the top choice for companies seeking to maintain independence. Leveraging technology through partnerships, AG maximizes collaboration within the community and workshops, providing adaptable resources for each member, regardless of scale or position.

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Introduction Of Trithucviet Company Limited

Trithucviet Company Limited (TTV) was established in 2019 by Partners working for audit companies who are members of international associations.

TTV has been operating under following legal certificates:

– Business registration certificate No. 3701580837 granted by the Department of Planning     and Investment of Binh Duong ..Province dated 13 August 2009;

– Certificate No. 083/KDKT dated 31 December 2013 of the Ministry of Finance approving       audit practicing under Audit Law No. 67/2011/QH12 taking effect from 01 January 2012;

– Official dispatch No. 6191/BTC-CĐKT dated 13 May 2014 of the Ministry of Finance                 approving audit practicing of Ho Chi Minh Branch;

– Official dispatch No. 14779/BTC-CĐKT dated 19 October 2015 of the Ministry of Finance       approving audit practicing of Hanoi ..Branch.

In March 2017, TTV became a member of Allinial Global (head office in USA). By the end of 2017, Allinial Global has 137-member firms with 383 head offices and branches operating in over 50 countries. Total number of partners is 3.106, total employees is 13,990. Turnover by 2017 of Allinial Global is more than 2.5 billion US dollar, ranked 5th in the global and 3rd in the USA (

Main operations of TTV are:

– Auditing

– Accounting

– Tax consulting

– Corporate consulting

Our mission:

Our mission is to deliver superior services to clients with integrity and objectivity.

With the support of professional staff in International Auditing Associations, our services in Vietnam will be provided in accordance with international standards.

Our principles:

Thoroughly understand customers’ needs and be dedicated to serve customers; Maintain international standards of services provided; Commit to comply with ethical standards; Charge for the services on a fair – value basis; We provided all services about tax, accounting, auditing and consulting to all economic sectors nationwide.

Board of Members and Management system:

Our Board of Members and Management system are experts experienced in providing accounting and auditing services, securities, financial and tax advices to clients operating in various sectors like manufacturing, construction, trading, finance, telecommunication and post, insurance, tourism and hotel businesses.

Our professional staffs:

In the end of 2016, our total staff are nearly 70 employees, including: 4 Partners, 5 Managers, 18 Seniors.

Our Clients:

Clients of TTV belong a wide range of industries such as retail, hospitality, telecommunications, manufacturing and distribution, engineering, service, finance and health, etc. locating at industrial parks of Binh Duong and other provinces along Vietnam.

TTV customers include 3 main groups:

– Vietnamese Enterprises: Limited Companies, Joint Stock Companies, Joint Ventures, ….

– Agencies, units, departments of the Vietnamese State: mainly management boards for          construction investment and companies ..with state investment capital.

– Enterprises with investment capital from many countries and territories such as Taiwan,      China, Hong Kong, USA, Japan, Korea, ..Europe, Australia, Asian countries, etc. There are      also other customers who are introduced through cooperation with                financial companies investing in Vietnam.

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