Accounting services

Accounting services

Tri Thuc Viet understands that, from a corporate view, your accounting systems and people need to do more than just keeping score. TTV can help you to manage your concerns so that you will be able to run your business and plan for specific human resources.<<See more>>

Why choose accounting services at Tri Thuc Viet?

  • Professional staff: Our experienced certified accountants will provide a wide variety of traditional accounting services that meet your specific business needs, including bookkeeping, design and set-up accounting system, management reporting, and preparation of periodical financial statements.
  • Practical solutions: TTV’s proposal solutions will satisfy your strategic goals and objectives, bringing added values including:
    • Cost effectiveness and practical solution for management.
    • Planning, efficient and feasible design and set up of accounting information and management reporting systems that support decision making process.
    • Compliance with management needs and local regulations.
    • Risk reduction and control improvement.
    • Solutions for specific accounting needs.
  • Favorable fee: With the motto, client development is our success, the fee is calculated based on customer satisfaction and receipt of the actually value.
  • Practical consultancy: in addition to implementing the audit services, we would like to bring added benefits to customers through regular consultation for accounting-tax insues, offer the number of updated and compiled newsletters law by us for free.
  • Reliable companion: Our motto is to create the close relationship, be a companion with businesses from initial establishment to strong operation.

What Tri Thuc Viet offers you?

  • Provide bookkeeping service; prepare the financial statements, prepare final settlement of invested capital and other reports;
  • Review accouting documents, accouting books, financial statements;
  • Set up, implement and advise on monitoring the accounting system;
  • Advise on accounting system operating and implement costing methods;
  • Advise on analysing accounting figures for management purposes.

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