Tax declaration – Tax Agent

Tax declaration – Tax Agent

Even in today’s global marketplace, the complexity of tax regimes, the variations from country to country, and many annual changes in tax law are a matter that many businesses have to worry about. Therefore, tax advice expert is vital if you do business overseas.

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Why choose tax advisory services at Tri Thuc Viet?

  • Professional staff: Our experts will provide a range of services and advices to help you reduce the tax burden and tax risks; give advices to set up and how to choose the best structure for operation as well as the most appropriate explanation of laws and local regulations to ensure the best suitability for you.
  • Favorable fee: With the motto, client development is our success, the fee is calculated based on customer satisfaction and receipt of the actually value.
  • Added benefits: we would like to bring added benefits to customers through regular consultation for accounting-tax insues, offer the number of updated and compiled newsletters law by us for free, organise annual seminars on tax.

What Tri Thuc Viet offers you?

  • Declare monthly tax, do final settlement for personal income tax and corporate income tax;
  • Register, declare and do final settlement for withholding tax;
  • Review tax compliance;
  • Consult current tax Laws applied in Vietnam, tax incentive, tax exemption;
  • Solutions for difficulties on taxation;
  • Check, review tax for purpose like inspection, settlement, dissolution or tax refund;
  • Support tax inspection, tax final settlement;
  • Consult determination of market price in associated transactions (transfer price).

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