Introduction of the Company

Introduction of the Company

Was established and come into operation in 2009 up to now, Tri Thuc Viet Co., Ltd (TTV) has gradually affirmed its position at home and abroad. In 2017, we have been joining Allinial Global (ranked second in the world and the fourth in Asia- Pacific in 2020) in order to learn from experience and intergrate internationally, bring effectiveness and the best quality to customers.

Auditing services:

  • • Auditing/ reviewing the financial statement in compliance with Vietnamese auditing standards (VAS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • • Auditing owner’s contributed capital and capital use situation
  • Auditing/ reviewing as position as Independent financial examiner according to state agencies’ requirements.
  • Auditing the contents agreed in advance.
  • Auditing/ reviewing compliance with the law
  • Auditing to finalize the project investment capital of completed projects/ works.
  • Auditing for other purposes according to customer’s requests, according to Law and other assurance services

Accounting services:

  • Advising in the design of accounting systems and accounting software apps.
  • Providing the accounting services: accounting service, Services as Chief accountant; preparing financial statements
  • Consulting, reviewing accounting work, accounting books and financial statements.
  • Consulting on accounting for complex transactions, or due to changes in policies and legal documents
  • Consulting the detailed accounting works: Cost accounting, warehouse accounting, salary accounting, insurance
  • Other tasks in accounting work contents and relevant services.

Consulting on corporate finance:

  • Procedure for business establishment; dissolution; business bankruptcy
  • Designing and running the internal control apparatus
  • Consulting finance and controlling the cash flows.
  • Consulting to organize, manage enterprises; Operation among departments/ departments: human resources, production, accounting, finance-planning, import and export
  • Restructuring capital, businesses, mergers and acquisitions
  • Consulting on business and investment in Vietnam.

Tax advisory- tax agent:

  • Consulting on determining market price in business transactions among associated parties (transferring price)
  • Refunding VAT and other taxes.
  • Consulting, reviewing accounting, tax, preparation for tax inspection and support for explanation
  • Consulting on registration, calculation and declaration of payable taxes according to regulations: CIT, PIT, VAT, contractor tax, capital transfer tax, excise tax, environmental protection tax, import and export tax, …

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